Taking a manuscript from its raw form to a published book is a challenge and a joy. I work with authors to revise manuscripts, sometimes through several rounds. I manage other freelancers and work with content consultants for the specific needs of each book. Some of these books have been illustrated and others contain photography. I am skilled in photo research and really enjoy the visual aspect of working with books. I think the overall look is very important, and take great care in choosing the right photo or giving feedback to illustrators on their illustrations so they can best represent the text. Some books I have worked on are fiction, but most have been nonfiction. Here is a sample of the series and books I have been the lead editor on. I have also copy edited and proofread numerous books. See the Teaching Guides page for guides that I have edited.

Lerner Publishing

L.E. Carmichael

Mighty Media Press

ABDO Publishing, Essential Library

The Child’s World series

ABDO Publishing, Common Core