School Library Journal: new review!

Sugar_Glider_COV.jpgMy books in the You Have a Pet What?! series from Rourke Educational Media were recently reviewed in School Library Journal. Here’s what they had to say about this fun series, of which I wrote Rat and Sugar Glider:

“This collection of exotic pets introduces these animals, covering history, natural habitat, care, and characteristics both positive and negative. Restrictions on ownership and any special housing and health care requirements are carefully pointed out. The animals’ personalities are described, and information on bonding and communication is provided. a short list of “Things to Think about…” encapsulates all the issues and concludes each book. Supplementary material includes a nicely organized set of “Before & after Reading activities” and “Show What You Know” questions that can be used for reading comprehension instruction. Photos frequently incorporate humans along with the animals. Each volume includes a spread with a full-body shot of the animal with body parts and physical traits identified. “Fun Fact” and “Pet Pointer” boxes appear where needed. VERDICT: Well written, with a clean design, these titles will be useful for educators and popular with potential pet owners.”

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