New Reviews!

I have a few new reviews out for two of my books for Compass Point books! Here they are:

Shop Tech: The Science of Cars. Compass Point Books, 2011

“The titles in this very fine applied science series discuss the scientific principles behind what takes place in each situation, then discuss the how/why of scenarios, suggest science experiments, and identify real-life applications. Little-known facts and ideas are included. Each book is generously illustrated with captioned photos, and fact boxes abound with vocabulary definitions, historical blurbs, and interesting feats. This series will be useful for both student research and for students interested in these topics. The science experiments will be useful for classroom instruction.”

—Library Media Connection, March/April 2012, Douglas K. Dillon, Ph.D., Library/Media Specialist. Recommended

Strength Training for Teen Athletes. Compass Point Books, 2012

“Young athletes will find this a clear and concise introduction to the basics of strength training. The directions are easily understandable—and numbered—and are accompanied by excellent photographs, featuring both female and male athletes. Necessary equipment is also kept simple and includes bands, a few free weights, a medicine ball, and a stability ball. The suggested exercises deal with all of the major muscle groups—legs, core, arms, and shoulders. To work your core, for instance, the book recommends sets of ball crunches, back bends, and single-leg squats (a sidebar reminds about the importance of form). Tips on avoiding injuries and the reasons for the exercises are also mentioned. Other books in the series focus on such topics as nutrition, stamina, and developing speed. This will be a great fit for young athletes seeking basic introductions to training and conditioning.”