Our Nation’s Pride book review

My books were reviewed this month in School Library Journal. This is what they had to say about Ellis Island, Mount Rushmore, and The White House:

“Kenney explains the significance of these three sites as national monuments. In Ellis Island, the author describes how the existing island was built up and expanded to accommodate the station to process immigrants coming into the United States and the various buildings that were constructed. In Mount Rushmore, she tells of the sculptor who came to work on the carving, how men were lowered on special harnesses to do the work, and how dynamite specialists and drillers prepared the mountain. In The White House,the author describes how the land was chosen, how the White House was built, the fact that it burned in 1814 and was rebuilt in 1817, and that it takes 570 buckets of white paint to cover the outside. In all three titles, the full-color artwork not only explains the text but also gives almost photographic renderings of the topics. Excellent introductions.”

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